Can't restore a page.

I managed to corrupt a page by messing up the html. When I restore a version from 2 weeks ago I am getting this message:

"Visualforce Error

Help for this Page

System.XmlException: Failed to parse XML due to: in epilog non whitespace content is not allowed but got h (position: END_TAG seen …h… @44:449)

An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (skuid)"

The page is RM1_Lead_New_Member_Single

Hi Bill, are you able to edit the page at all? It looks like there’s an extra letter “h” after the end of the XML that just needs to be removed.

If you can’t open the page in the editor because of the extra character, there is still a way to get into the XML and hopefully remove that extra character. See below for details:

  1. Let’s look at the page’s XML. From the list of pages, right click on the broken page’s title. 
  2. Copy the link address, paste it in the address bar (or anywhere else) and grab the broken page’s 18-character page ID from it. For example, from you’d want a090P0002dQAF01ZvK.
  3. Now, choose any working page, and edit it in the page builder.
  4. In the page builder, click View/Edit XML in the lower right corner. 
  5. When the XML editor loads, look at the current URL in the browser. Replace the 18-character ID you see there with the broken page’s ID (from the steps above), and follow that link. 
  6. You’ll be able to edit the XML of the broken page to look for the reason the page won’t load. In this case, I think you just need to remove that h at the very end of the XML.
  7. Our recommendation is to save the XML unchanged in a document on your computer for reference and backup.
  8. If you’re not sure which part of your page is preventing it from loading in page builder, try commenting out suspicious parts of the XML (like models that connect to external data sources, for example) and previewing the page, or loading it into the page builder. See if you can find the specific area that’s causing the issue. Once you have done so, you’ll be able to go back into the page builder for further work.

Hi Bill, I wanted to check in and see if you had any luck restoring this page. Let me know any of the steps above need clarification.