Can't open sliding panel from Search Component Select Actions

From a search component in the header, I am able to open a slider from global actions, but not from select actions. Currently I open a popup window using select actions that I would like to convert to a sliding panel. When I choose “open sliding panel” as the action under select actions, then preview the page and select one of the search suggestions, nothing happens. I don’t get any errors on the page or in console. It does work as expected in global actions, but for my use case, I need select actions. 

Sorry you’re experiencing this.

I’m having a hard time reproducing your problem. What is different about your setup than mine posted below? I’m running on 9.5.6.

Hello World

The page that has this issue is big, so I cloned it and deleted out all of the extra stuff to focus on the search component. Here is the xml. Thanks for looking into this.


<IFRAME SRC=“{{Id}}“WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=800px>


<includepanel type=“skuid” uniqueid=“sk-2iAL2t-2234” pagename=“CardDeck” module=”” querystring="&amp;id={{$}}&amp;HID={{$Model.

IN addition to the above, I did create a page from scratch and the slider does work as expected, so there must be an issue with my existing page…

Were you able to determine what the problem on the original page was?