Can't find 'Territory' field on Account object.

I’m trying to pull in the ‘Territory’ field from the Account object, but I can’t find it.

I don’t use territories, but isn’t an account assigned to an owner/user and the user is assigned to a territory? So you would have to go through the user to find the territory. Not sure if that is correct, but worth a look.


You need to enable territories to do this. Check out this page on how to do this.



Thank you for the reply.

We’ve had territories enabled and in use for years. 

I was able to successfully find and edit the ‘Territory’ field on the Opportunity object through a Skuid table, however, I’m not able to find the ‘Territory’ field on the Account object when building the Account table in Skuid.

Any other ideas?

Thank you,


Not sure if you’re still having issues with this or not but here is the reason you can get to territories from the opportunity and not the account object. Here is a screenshot of Schema Builder on how the account, opportunity, territory, and territory model objects are related. You’ll see that there is a lookup relationship between account & opportunity, a lookup relationship between opportunity & territory, but no relationship between account & territory. This is why you can’t get to the territory field from the account model itself.

Hope that helps clarify the problem!