Can't edit Custom Metadata in SKUID table

Is it possible to create/update/delete custom metadata records within SKUID? I was able to import my custom metadata as a SKUID model, but when I have a table on that model I am not allowed to edit any fields or make any changes. See below: Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

What exactly do you mean by custom metadata? A custom object? REST API to another data source?

Sorry I mean my Custom Metadata Types. I can successfully load my model, but I can’t edit any of the records.

I get it now. Can you edit these metadata record types directly from Setup?

Yeah you can edit as you would any other record, here’s a screenshot for reference: Is this something SKUID just wasn’t designed for? I know that Custom Settings were accessible so I was a little surprised that custom metadata isn’t.

Haven’t tried it, but I’d expect it to work without issue if you can do this using any other SF layout.

Yeah it’s weird, even when setting the table fields to ‘Edit’ mode I’m still unable to edit any of this.

@Eulogio Gallo

If you want to edit /create/delete custom metadata then you have need to use Metadata api.

Custom metadata rows resemble custom object rows in structure. You create, edit, and delete custom metadata rows in the Metadata API or in Setup. Because the records are metadata, you can migrate them using packages or Metadata API tools.
Custom metadata records are read-only in Apex and in the Enterprise and Partner APIs.

It is not possible to insert test custom metadata, unless you use the Metadata API which would also present a challenge in a test scenario. 

If you look on that article :

Then you will see that : Custom metadata types are like list custom settings, but with records that are metadata rather than data.

So the records that are stored in metadata also treat as Meta data and for modify this metadata you have need to use metadata api.


But with this has anyone figured out a way to use Skuid to edit these records? Is there a way to use the Metadata API inside a Skuid page…without lots of programming?


Any updates on this? Is editing custom metadata types through skuid a possibility at all?

I read in some other post that it might need to be done through Metadata API.

Any official word on this?