Can't deactivate filterable sub-condition on subquery

I have a model that uses a subquery on the CaseTeamMember. There are two sub-conditions, the second of which is filterable.

I’m using a page title button to set the TeamRole.Name1 sub-condition, which works great. (I’m using the button to set this condition on multiple models on my page…the button serves as a filter for all models on my page.)

Here’s the issue: the second page title button that’s supposed to deactivate the sub-condition isn’t working. My button deactivates the model conditions (there are 9 models with the TeamRole.Name condition), then queries the models (behavior is set to Standard - Completely Replace Data).

Any idea why this isn’t working?

You need to make your primary condition filterable - (So it has a name)  and then add a row to your action sequence that deactivates it too. 

Or maybe you are not requerying your model?  Adjusting the conditions does not automatically change the data (Just like requerying the model does not automatically update conditions - which can be annoying)

When I’m stuck like this I go see what the actual query is by opening the browser console and typing “skuid.$M(‘MYModelName’).soql”   (Where you replace myModelName with the real ID).  THat will give you what is actually being sent to the server.  Debug from there…

Hi Rob, 

Thanks for the console trick - that helps a lot.  

I am re-querying my model, but you’re right - it looks like I need to deactivate the primary condition. 

I still have an issue, though, which is that my Primary Condition (Select Case where ID is in CaseTeamMember ParentId) has TWO subconditions, and I don’t want to deactivate the first one (MemberID = UserInfo User ID).  Any ideas about how I can deactivate the second subcondition but not the first?  Should I be using javascript for this?