Can't Create records in oData model

Skuid is currently pulling data directly from Netsuite leveraging an oData model service (works great!).  

I’d like to create data in Netsuite when things happen in Salesforce/Skuid, but I’m getting the following error message: ExecuteOData: Operation %24batch.rsd was not found or it does not define Info.  

Any ideas?

Mansour,  we have no idea what that error message means.  We are pretty sure its coming back from Netsuite directly. 

A few ways you can debug: 

We will expose the direct error messages in the Model object.  (Go to browser console and type skuid.$M(‘ModelName’).debug   

You can also explore the network traffic and see more detail about what is returned from the etxternal data provider.   Go to the “Network Tab” of the developer tools,  then select the XHR traffic,  reload the page and look for the apexremote item.  Open it up and look for the Preview tab. The result node of that tab will have the full details of what is returned.  Copy it into your text editor and have fun digging…

Another thing to check is to see if NetSuite’s OData supports batch operations. Currently, Skuid uses batch operations exclusively to insert or update records. 

That was it, thanks Ben.  The NetSuite oData does not support batch operations.