Can't click on page title button

Just another little one to make your day complete. I’m using page titles to get buttons, in a panel set to have them appear on the left. If I click on the page title instead of directly on the button… i get this where I can no longer click on the button to set its properties… even if i carefully click on the little bit that sticks out have to click on another title and try again… a small inconvenience… but for users those things matter

Duly noted — I think a lot of people experience this problem.

Ok this is a total hack. And I get that. But you can drag you page title out of the panel set so it shows full screen. Then configure it all up just the way you like. Plenty of space to click around. Then when you are ready to roll, just drag it back into the confines of the narrow panel. Rinse and repeat as needed.