Cannot use UserInfo fields for 'includes' in model condition

Hello! As the title states, I have a field that contains multiple strings that correspond to Salesforce UserNames. When trying to check if a UserName is contained in this field, I get the following error:

1. An error occurred while attempting to perform the following SOQL query: SELECT Comments__c,Level_1__c,Level_2__c,Level_3__c,Recommendation__c,TBA_Selection__c,TBA_Selection__r.Name,Tags__c,Value__c,Score_Type__c,Id FROM TBA_Score__c WHERE (Level_1__c = 'TLS')AND(Level_2__c = 'Vision: They dream big')AND(Level_3__c = 'Create a powerful vision')AND(Score_Type__c = 'Written Assessment')AND(TBA_Selection__c = 'a2A800000007tOeEAI')AND(Question__c = '1')AND(Tags__c = 'Written#, Q1#')AND(TBA_Selection__r.X2nd_Reviewer__c includes 'Eulogio Gallo') LIMIT 2 Error:expecting a left parentheses, found 'Eulogio Gallo' 

It appears that Skuid isn’t formatting the resulting SOQL query properly, forgetting the parentheses needed for the ‘includes’ keyword in the SOQL query. Not sure how to remedy this, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Can you describe the way you’ve set up the condition?  Maybe post a screenshot of that last condition definition? 

You should be able to get this to work… 

Sure Rob, here it is: Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. Thanks!

Ha.  We are actually making it impossible for you to use “includes” operators in that way.  This has been fixed in more recent packages available on…  

But I believe using a “contains” operator will work for you here. 

Normally I would use ‘contains’, but the option is not available to me. Only ‘=’, ‘!=’, ‘includes’, and 'excludes are available to me. I’ve used workarounds to get this working, just wanted to know if this functionality was intended or not. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

No worries.  Glad you got it working.  But I am bothered that you can not use “contains”.   I don’t believe that should be the case.  Maybe you can try to rebuild the condition from scratch…