Cannot type in component search

I have done this before but cannot find the page I used a search component.  When I try to test the page with  “Search” Component, I cant type in the box.  I obviously missed something in the tutorial.

Sorry about that Bill. That’s sounds like a barrel of ‘no fun’.

I’m assuming that you can’t put anything in the type box via copy/paste, selecting it, etc. 

I’m not aware of a way one can just turn off the search component. I don’t know of a way to make it to where I can’t type anything in the box. This sounds like something is off beyond just not setting it up correctly from the tutorial.

What is your set up? Is there any custom javascript or CSS that could be affecting it?  

Yes I have lots of  CSS.  If I change the header to use “Classic” it works.  Is there a method to determine which css is causing the problem?

found the issue.  The div.nx-field-reference-search needed to be fixed.

Well done.

Thanks for sharing the solution.