Cannot resize popup

I have an action with a popup in the Skuid editor.  I want to see more of the popup to view more fields and try to expand the the top or bottom the popup by dragging the edges, the screen disappears and reappears at the bottom of the Skuid Editor and the disappears. 

Banzai Update 5 (7.24)  it happens in all browsers.

Yep, this is frustrating.

Agreed that this is frustrating - we are still researching what’s causing this to happen, but we’re looking into it.

Has anyone found a workaround or solution yet?

Me too’ed , still no fix for this?

Any solution to this yet?

We are still working on this…  Thanks for your patience…  We get frustrated too. 

This issue has been resolved in Banzai Update 8.

Tha is huge.  Thank you.