Cannot order by a template field in the table component


My products have the internet speed on it which is setted in two fields: quantity and unit (to make 100MB, 90Kb,…) and I have a formula field with the speed in bytes calculated. Something like this:

Quantity    Unit           bytes
   100          Mb       100000000
     90          kb           90000

In the table I have created a template field with {{Quantity}}{{Unit}} with allow ordering true and Order Field ‘bytes’

But in the table the ^v Arrows does not appear in the column to order.

Something to check: can you go in to the JavaScript Console (“Command+Shift+J” in Chrome), and enter the following:

var BF = skuid.$M(‘Products’).getField(‘Bytes__c’);console.log('Display Type: ’ + BF.displaytype + ', Sortable: ’ + BF.sortable);

replacing Products with the name of your Products model and Bytes__c with the API name of your Bytes formula field.

Let us know what this returns. 

… My fault… The Bytes field wasn’t in the model… sorry…

Doh… I’ve done that so many times its not funny.

Thanks for letting us know you got things fixed though.