Can you see a history of changes for a Skuid page?

Is there a way to see what changes have been made to a Skuid page over some period of time? I’m running into an ‘Apex heap size too large’ issue and I would like to see what changes have been made to clue me in on what might have caused the problem to start occurring.

Thanks in advance!

You can examine past Page Revisions, and restore the revisions until you find where the issue starts occurring. 

Only the past 25 revisions are stored by Skuid by default (You can change this by adjusting the “Max Auto-Saves” setting for a particular page), so depending on how long ago this may have started occurring, that may not be enough to find when the issue started occurring.

Oh, this sounds like a great feature to take advantage of! I don’t see anything called “Revisions”, but I do see “Versions”—could be because my Skuid version is older. I hope that with the new one I’ll not only be able to restore but open or compare an old revision to the current one. In any case, thank you!