Can you search encrypted fields in a SKUID table

Built a table where the only field viewable is an encrypted text field. I have a search bar at the top of the table, but cannot figure out how to make the field searchable.

Did you define that field as being in the searched field?

It doesn’t show up as an option :frowning:

Partially defeats the purpose of saleforce encrypted fields but you could create a salesforce formula field and set it equal to the encrypted field then use that in your search fields but not display it in the table/field editor.

If the field isn’t available via the Skuid Search component, that’s because your profile doesn’t have it set as Visible int the Field Security settings. It’s possible to search on encrypted fields if they’re visible to you, but the returns would be encrypted. For example, if I have 111223333 as my social security number saved in a record, then enter 111223333 as search criteria, it will return a record displaying *********.

Gents thanks for the input, but after more research I’ve learned that you can’t run any SOQL queries on Encrypted fields. Seems like search and sorting are not going to happen for me on those fields right now because SKUID simply can’t see the data.

Anyone know if this has changed in a recent release? Or is anticipated?

I can try and check that for you. What version are you on right now?

Thanks for looking in to this. I actually believe it’s a Salesforce platform issue that Derek points out, not a Skuid issue. If platform encryption is enabled in the CRM, then the CRM has built-in support to be able to search encrypted fields, but one can’t write code to run SOQL and achieve your end, e.g. I can’t use ‘where name = x’ if name is an encrypted field. I believe this impacts Skuid.

Someone told me they thought this was going to be addressed in some release and since Derek asked here I thought I’d see if you all knew the answer.