Can you repeate a field (Reuse a field multiple times) on a Table?

I need to generate a table that has preset Categories (Doors, Windows, HVAC, Etc) and each Category will have lookup fields to be populated.  The table will render all the Categories with blank rows (to be populated) for the lookup.

I’m thinking of an HTML template and a table, but I can’t make it work.  Any ideas?

Will look like this:
Lookup MFG:____ Lookup X:____

Lookup MFG:____ Lookup X:____

Lookup MFG:____ Lookup X:____


There’s not a super-easy way to accomplish that, if I understand you correctly.

One way would be to make 3 different tables.  You can strip out the table footer and buttons with CSS to make them look more like one big table if you want.

Alternatively, if you’re into javascript, you can make your own table view.

To answer your actual question… you can reuse a field, but if you change one of them, all of them will be changed.

My question would be whether or not you’ve got the object/field structure to support what you’re looking for.

From what I can see, you’ve got a classic example of whether or not create fields or objects for the categories.

I’m assuming the categories are all related to something else. ie. opportunity, quote, etc. Can you shed some light on this.

Also, will these categories ALWAYS be created as a set, or is it POSSIBLE that it will vary. As in, will there be time when there is HVAC category required? Will there a time when new categories will need to be added to the system?

Pat - I’m with you.  I think this is best solved in the data model.  An object lookup,  or a category field…