Can you render a wizard to start on a certain step?

Looking to set up a wizard but want our users to go straight to Step 2 if there are open opportunities OR go directly to step 1 if there are not. 

Is this possible?

I don’t think so… exactly… here are some ideas: 1) have the first tab of your wizard be nuetral so that it applies to both scenarios. Then have two next buttons with render conditions that take you to different steps. 2) have two separate wizards with render conditions 3) maybe use branch logic in your button push to navigate to different steps based on criteria (I have not tried this).

Thanks Raymond! 

Can you go into detail about #3? I know you said you haven’t done it before, but how would branch logic work here? 


3 is a different take on #1. I should have explained that better. You would still have to have your first step be nuetral, then have the button use branch logic to determine if it should navigate to step 2 or step 3.