Can you preview a Revision before restoring it?

I occasionally have to troubleshoot and/or fix an issue with my skuid pages by restoring a previous version.

Is there a way to preview a revision without restoring the version? 

It is very time consuming and confusing trying to find the right version to restore to, especially if you save frequently, or are trying to find the break point of an issue.)

I am currently on the latest version of spark version 12.2.8.

Hi CM, in order to preview your Skuid page after you restored an older version/revision, or if you made changes manually, you have to save it.

I like to add named versions/revision from time to time and use names that indicate major changes or milestones, this way it’s easier to find “the correct” version/revision quickly:

Before you restore an older version/revision, you could create a cloned page for trouble shooting:

Hope these tips are helpful for you.

It would be cool even to have an XML diff between the current page and the revision. Or, indeed, just the ability to grab a Revision’s XML from the Revision table rather than have to restore it first.