Can you hide the header of pageinclude child page that uses a Master page?

I have a pageinclude that pull in a skuid page that uses a Master page.  The “showheader=false” on the Parent Query String doesn’t appear to hide the child page’s header.  

Am I correct in assuming that the “showheader=fase” query string will only hide the standard SF header but not the skuid master page header?

You can read through my comments in this post: basically I never create a standard master-child page. I create junction pages that join the master with a child via a page include. Then you can use the child page with or without the master page header for things like pop ups and page includes…[settings][filter_by]=all

Raymond is a champ! 

But to answer Gary’s question.   You are correct.   The showheader = false query string only affects the VF page,  not the skuid page.  IT only hides whatever header salesforce is applying.   Once you have decided that a page is a child page - you cannot show it without its master material.