Can you give an example of Aggregate "Having" for Skuid on Salesforce

Hi, this documentation references an article in the old skuid community and the link no longer works. I need to use Having, but I can’t seem to get it to work. I’m sure i’m just not formatting the xml correctly. Could you give me the appropriate formatting?

Aggregate Models — Skuid v15.2.6 Documentation

" Per Salesforce documentation, HAVING is an “optional clause that can be used in a SOQL query to filter results that aggregate functions return.” This clause can be employed as a model condition to filter data, but cannot be added declaratively. Instead, it must be added by editing the XML for the Skuid page, and adding the clause under the model’s conditions, using the same format as other conditions.

Working with the HAVING clause is only recommended for advanced Skuid users who are comfortable editing XML. To learn more about this process, see the Filter on Count community post."

Here is that very old community post…

I’ll ask Cody to change the link…

Thank you, @Rob_Hatch!