Can you get a Popup from a Queue Item Action?

I am getting carried away with ideas from the article Queue Component: Custom Item Renderers.

I really like the concept of the Drag & Drop Opportunities. I would like to extend this by having a popup to display more information on the record, so a user can make an informed decision on what they drag.

Can we create a popup from a queue item action?

While this is doable via JavaScript currently, this will be possible declaratively as of the Skuid Summer 14 release (coming later this month).

There will be a new Item Action type called “Run Multiple Actions” which will let you run one or more Action Types in sequence, one of which is “Show Popup”. So you’ll be able to click on an Item in a Queue, and show a Popup that has, say, a Field Editor or Template on that Queue’s Model, and it will show Fields from the particular Item you selected.

Sneak preview:

Hi Zach

Thanks for the sneaky preview. This will be a great addition!

And just for posterity.  This feature was released with the Summer Release in August… 

Hi Rob… I would like two actions… a pop up on the queue record but also an update on page include panel … when I select multiple actions I can see how I organise a pop up but what do I now use if I also want to display the page include panel?

Right now “display page include panel” is not a definable action. So you cannot have it included in a sequence that also does the popup.  Shoot. 

If you can move the functionality of the page include panel into the parent page and simply requiery models to show the right data,  then you can also trigger the popup. 

Additionally you might be able to implement model actions on the models in the page include so that when they are requeried, the popup appears. 

Hopefully that gives you some options. 

Thanks ) … will try the first option!