Can you display standard SF header and sidebar on a Skuid mobile page?

We have made a few mobile skuid pages accessible to our users using home page component links on the standard home page sidebar. The desktop skuid pages open up inside the same window as the home page with the SF header visible. However, when we create a custom link for the skuid mobile page, no matter how we configure it, it always opens up in a new window with no sidebar or header.

We have tried changing the custom link behavior to “dislpay in existing window with sidebar” and also without sidebar. No matter how we change the behavior settings it always opens up in a new page with no headers or footers.

Here is the visualforce markup for our mobile page (we created it simply by cloning a skuid desktop page that was functioning as intended).

<apex:page action="{!'/apex/skuid__ui?page=Listing_Menu'}">

This is going to be a half answer.

You can include Skuid mobile pages in the home page - such that the standard header and sidebar show. Create a new custom home page component of type “VisualForce” page. And link that to a VF page that looks somthing like this:

<apex:page readonly="true" docType="html-5.0" title="Mobile Page"> ```
<skuid:page page="Mobile_Page" />

Let us know if you get different results. 

Thanks for the help Rob!