Can we render row action based on result of subquery?

I have a model “Program”. I have a table where I am displaying this model’s rows. I have a row action which will select the program when clicked. I want to conditionally render this row action based on result of a subquery - if this program has nominations (based on a contact that is selected in an earlier model), then don’t render the row action. Otherwise, do. I see that there is no option to conditionally render based on result of subquery. Is there any other way to achieve this?

Few more details on how I want the page to work:

- On the first wizard of my page, I search and select a contact
- On the second page, I display the table based on the “Program” model. This model is based on a salesforce object
- The Program salesforce object has a child object - Program Members which has a lookup relationship with contact
- If the contact selected in the earlier wizard has program member records for the program in the table row, then the row action should not be rendered

Hi Shruti! Can I ask what type of data source you’re working with? This is possible at least with Salesforce data sources. Here’s how:

1. Add a child relationship to your model. This is available from Model Properties > Fields > Child Relationships.
2. Create a UI-only formula checkbox field that accesses your child relationships with the following syntax IF({{Contacts.records.length}} > 0, true, false). Substitute “Contacts” with the name of your child relationship.
3. Render your row action off the UI-only field. 

Let me know if that helps! Thanks!