Can we pull Object Metadata into a Skuid Page?

Does anyone know if/how we can pull object Metadata into a Skuid Page?

For example, what Action Overrides are in place on objects?
And Custom Buttons that refer to Visualforce Pages?
i.e. whether or not the Contact object has a Tab button, and if so, what Skuid Page it is using?

Essentially, I want to create a custom Skuid Page with all of this Metadata, so that I can quickly see all the custom button overrides and page assignments used in a Org.
- similar to what Workbench provides access to, but Skuidified! :slight_smile:

(Standard Salesforce Reporting on Skuid Pages doesn’t give me all I need - because, as one example, it’ll only show Skuid Page Assignments, and not all Visualforce Pages/Actions that refer back to Skuid Pages).

Perhaps a clearer explanation:

Similar to the way that we can create a Skuid page to display all Skuid pages.
I want to be able to create a Skuid page to display Object Metadata -> specifically, Action Overrides

(but attributes like keyPrefix, and more. would be very useful for Dev. as well).


Have you tried setting up a REST connection from Skuid to the Metadata API?  I have thought of doing this several times, but just never make the time with my workload.  This should get you what you want.



That’s a very interesting idea Bill. I think you’re right.

Can anyone from the Skuid Team confirm that this approach will work?
Has anyone tried this before?

This would be FRICKIN AWESOME!!!

Roman, I’m tasking you to this. I’d like you to see if this is possible. Spike time.

I’d like to see a row action added to the Skuid Pages List with the following:

    • Report back on which other Skuid pages refer to this page via URL
    • Report back on which other Skuid pages refer to this page via Page Include
    • Report back on which other Skuid pages refer to this page via key prefix
    • Report back on which button override VF page directly reference this page
    • Report back on which button override VF page use a page assignment to reference this page

    Confirmation from the Skuid team.  You should be able to get to any salesforce Metadata that has a REST API and retrieve that data into a Skuid model. 

    Wild Cheering erupts…

    Thanks for confirming.  Woot!

    Very cool! Thanks Rob.

    This thread has been bouncing around my head for a couple of days, and now with the release of Salesforce to Salesforce connectors, I’d really like to prove that you can do change sets in Skuid, and include both objects and data. I’m having the same feeling I had when I first used skuid… it seems too good to true. 

    Has anyone done this? I’d love a quick tutorial or rundown of basic steps for creating a connection with the metadata API.


    Check out There are examples for using the REST API, Sharepoint, and OData. 


    Fantastic! Thank you Karen for pointing us in the right direction.
    I’m eager to try this out for myself, so I have proof of concept :slight_smile:

    Hey, has anyone actually done this?

    Even if we had, what makes you think we’d tell you? Haha, sorry I’m in a joking mode.

    Funny you should ask, it’s been on my mind lately quite a bit. Because I know it’s doable. And I have a rough roadmap as to the steps one would take to have a go at doing this. Unfortunately time/energy have been my main two obstacles.

    So no, haven’t made significant progress since my original post and excitement. But the fire inside that I have to complete this is still burning :slight_smile:

    Happy to perhaps collaborate and share any thoughts/insights you’ve made since then?