Can we integrate Wordpress Plugins into Skuid as Custom Components? - Integrating Wordpress' REST AP

Here’s some food for thought - what’s the technical feasibility of further integrating Wordpress’ rich ecosystem of plugins/themes with Salesforce & Skuid?

I say “further integrating” because I’ve read about how Salesforce Records can be pushed into Wordpress as new post/page updates:…

But instead, I’d like to know if we can expose Wordpress plugins/themes into Skuid pages? Or how a developer could go about porting a Wordpress plugin over into a custom Skuid component?

This started as a “what if” scenario & brainstorming session with Pat Vachon earlier in the week. Since then I found out about Wordpress’ own REST API (which seems to have a lot of promise for WP dev’s). The quote below got me very excited! 

“… gives instant access to the full range of WordPress’ native functionality… A good way of instantly grasping the potential on offer here is to consider the world of plugins. Any WordPress plugin you can think of is now a candidate for first-class integration into other frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails or Django.”
Full article:

I could only find a little info on using the WP API with a Heroku App, but there are a couple of existing demo examples. Would it make more sense to use Heroku as a bridge between the two (Wordpress -> Heroku -> Skuid)? Or - even better - Could Wordpress plugins and the Ui/Ux functionality they provide be exposed directly in Skuid pages without needing Heroku at all?

Only info on Skuid + Heroku I know of is here:

Curious if others think this is even theoretically possible? And if so, any thoughts on how one would potentially approach this? — Can we port or connect Wordpress plugins into Skuid as custom components? :o

I could be misunderstanding the interplay between these API’s. But it has me thinking…
Thank you!

Since we’re in the clouds with these pie in the sky ideas, how about going the other way? That is to take Skuid page builder outside of Salesforce and into Wordpress?