Can we filter all the drawer child records dynamically?

Can we filter the all drawer child records  dynamically?For Example
I have a list view with Account and Contact records.

State Filter: ALL
    ContactName     State
    Contact1        NY
    Contact2        CA
    Contact3        NY
    ContactName     State
    Contact4        NY
    Contact5        CA
    Contact6        NY
    ContactName     State
    Contact7        MO
    Contact8        MO    
In state filter, I have the options NY, CA and MO. If I choose the state filter as NY, I need the below records in list view.
Note: If a Account don’t have the Contact in specific state, I need to remove that Account.

    ContactName     State
    Contact1              NY    
    Contact3              NY
    ContactName     State
    Contact4               NY    
    Contact6               NY

Thanks in advance

I’m sorry.  I don’t think this is feasible in Skuid with the nested format our Drawers provide.  Of course you could create a table of contacts that included the Account Name each contact was connected to.  This could be sorted by Account, and you could build a state filter on that table.  But that workaround is probably not satisfactory for you.