Can we control JQueryUI animations/easing?

Is there a way that we can tap into JQueryUI to add effects to the way Skuid components load in the UI?

You see this sort of thing done nicely in apps like Twitter and Podio. Particularly relevant to popups and tabs, which can be nicely faded or eased in. Skuid does some of this already, e.g. when you expand a collapsed section. Would be nice to be able to control it more broadly.

Hi Glenn,

Right now we don’t have any hooks or APIs that let you set transitions on the different jQueryUI widgets we use.  You could probably set them with javascript doing something like this…

skuid.$( “.ui-tabs” ).tabs( “option”, “show”, { effect: “explode”, duration: 800 } );

But I haven’t tested it thoroughly.  It would be nice to provide some built in functionality to set these transitions.