Can Skuid Update Table Records In Batches?

For example, let’s say that I have a table with 2,000 records visible and I want to change a field called BatchTest. Instead of Mass editing all 2,000 occurrences of BatchTest at once, can I slow down Skuid and make it perform batches of 50, giving me a total of 40 jobs all the while updating all 2,000 records with one button press? 

The reason I ask is because we have salesforce code in place to take the value of BatchTest and store it as an attachment file related to the record. Every time BatchTest is updated, our code deletes the old attachment and creates a new attachment containing the new value of BatchTest. So, when I try and perform a mass update on BatchTest for 2,000 records I run in to a Apex CPU Time Limit Exceeded error. 

Could this be accomplished with a custom button? Any help is greatly appreciated! 


I think you could break up this task with some Javascript,  but honestly this sort of server side processing is what Apex does really well. 

Sorry.  No declarative joy… 

Can Apex come in and update the Skuid table?