Can skuid put custom render (run a snippet) on children template field

I need to markup one table field with HTML wrapper

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    We can do this on ordinary table fields.
    However, today I want to markup the same thing on template field.
    It seems to me there’s no such way to put conditional HTML wrapper on the field value.
    Is there any workaround or built-in tricks to do so?

For example, I need to markup the raw value “field value” like this way.

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Hi Poc, if you need to insert the raw value of a field,  you can refer to it with merge syntax, using triple mustache brackets. Like {{{CreatedDate}}}, for example. This will strip out the default html that is rendered along with fields, and just display the raw value. There’s a lot you can do with merge syntax - you can read about it here:

You can also check the box on your field properties to “Allow HTML” if you need to write your own HTML alongside field values. The HTML should mix in very well with any fields you refer to using merge syntax. 

Since I still have to do conditional render within it.
I will try it to see if it works.
Thank you so much

Is invoking a snippet from a template field to format the cell value available now? I saw some posts that can invoke a snippet by clicking the link on the field.However, What I need is to invoke the JS call when loading the table (users no need to trigger the snippet call)