Can Skuid pages and Salesforce standard pages be displayed based on record type?

I have a question regarding overriding Salesforce standard pages based on record type. We have the standard Account object that has say 5 different record types and 5 different page layouts based on account type. I would like to have a Skuid page for Record Type A but use the standard Salesforce standard page layouts for the other record types.  Is that possible?  I realize I could create 5 different Skuid pages and do 5 different page assignments based on record type but I do not want to redesign the standard Salesforce pages that do not need to be ‘Skuidified’.

Yup. Page Assignments has this functionality. 

Dang. Pat is too fast.  

In our account we have 3 record types.  Two of which go to Skuid pages, and a third that goes to the standard layout…

It looks like this: 

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OK Great.  I think I see it now.  So set it up the same way as overriding the standard functionality and then in page assignments just set the assignment for all non skuid record types back to ‘Use Standard Layouts’.  Simple enough.  

Thank you very much for your assistance.  This site is a great help for ‘newbees’.

Hi Rob-
I am testing this out in our org for Opportunities and at this time I only want to Skuidify our Sales/Forecast Opptys but not our Partner or SLA Opptys (different record types).  I created the page assignment for the Sales/Forecast record type to use my SKuid page but did not create a page assignment to set the (Use Standard Layouts).  Do I need to do that?  It seems to be working but maybe I am not testing it right?  I am only seeing the Skuid page when I open an Sales/Forecast Oppty.  Thanks!  I just want to be sure I cover all my bases.

The best practice is to add a line to page assignments where “Any Record Type” is the value - and designate your default behavior there.  Skuid will fall back to this page assignment record if the record type is not explicitly named in the other assignment records. 

Great tip!  Thank you!

I’m glad you are finding help here.  We are really proud of all the folks who are moving from newbees to expertskuids!