Can not save or cancel changes to my skuid page in design mode- this worked fine last night

I can not save changes made to my SKUID page. It worked last night, but is not working this morning. Someone else in the community posted a problem since the recent Chrome update. Not sure if this is the reason, but I am dead in the water!

  1. OOF - I hate it when this happens. Are you still completely stuck? Here are some suggestions:

    “hard refresh” your browser window.

  2. Restart Chrome
  3. Restart your machine

Buy a new machine (

  1. )

Are you getting any error messages in the developer tools console?

Can you log into skuid in Safari or another Browser?

Let us know… Thanks

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the response. But it turned out that I had a master page, and I was dragging components outside of the child page - page region.