can i 'UI Only field' from one model as 'filter condition' in another model ?

I have been trying to use UI Only field in another model on ‘filterable condition’. But, i’m getting error saying, i haven’t included that UI Only field in the source model, which is not right

In this i’m trying to load a Opportunity Model based on ‘UI only’ field in another Opportunity Model

LEFT({{Name}}, 10)



I’ve seen this come up before, and found this thread:

Basically, UI fields shouldn’t be used as model conditions.  You could create a formula field on your Opp object that grabs the first 10 letters and use that instead on your 2nd model condition.


Did Chandra V solve your problem?

No Stephen… My question was not answered. I think it’s been misunderstood.

I’m not asking about using a UI-Only field for conditions. As i can understand, its not possible as the conditions will be converted directly to SOQL which doesn’t know anything about UI only field.

But, my question is that why can’t a Model have a condition whose value is based on UI-Only field on another Model. For example, please use my Page XML posted in my earlier post.