can I make the model condition "Id = (param) id" filterable default on?

This probably isn’t a great idea for lots of reasons I haven’t yet considered, but I’m working on a proof of concept whereby you could switch between different records on a detail page without doing a hard page refresh. The idea is to make pulling up data from a new records as fast as dumping and loading a model, removing the excess delay from a total page refresh. 

Everything is working, EXCEPT, when I put on my main Opportunity model condition Id = (param) id a “Filterable Default On” setting, it does not load the right Opportunity on the first page load, as if the condition is filterable default off. 

For more details - I’ve got an Opportunity detail with a dozen other related models. The page is a child page. On the master page there’s a Recently Viewed navigation button that opens a popup and shows several other opportunities. You can click on one and it reloads the page, fine. But I want a row action that simply dumps the model in the background, and loads the model for the selected row, which is so much faster. 

I’ve got a row action that deactivates my id = param id condition, activates and sets my id = single specified value {{{Id}}}, and reloads the model. Works great, but that first load is still some random opportunity. 

Is this a bug? Or a known limitation of page param conditions to prevent nuts like me completely messing up a page?

I was able to get around this by having another Opportunity model that gets loaded with the right Id from my action, and then adopted into my base Opportunity model, then all the related models can be queried without having to requery the base Opportunity which would result in looking at the page param again and messing things up. 

Saves about 10 seconds by my count vs. a full page reload to a new record.


Glad you were able to answer your own question!

Thanks for sharing the solution with the community!