Can I decide not to show help text for standard fields?

It looks like I can choose whether or not to show help text on custom fields, but not standard fields. On the latter it always displays, is that right? Any way we can have the ability to hide help text for standard fields, too?

You should be able to turn off the help text on standard fields in standard objects. If there is help text you will see help display properties at the field level.

Ahh, thanks, I see what happened. I added help text to a field, but that checkbox didn’t appear in Skuid. That is because my builder was already loaded, and thus didn’t “know” that there was any help text yet. When I reloaded my builder page, that option appears now, thanks.

Yes that is somtimes confusing.  Any object level metadata configuration will not be passed real-time to your skuid composer page.  You will have to refresh the page to get new fields, help text presence, etc.