Can I control the reference field's magnifying glass popup?

I have a lookup field that uses the “auto-complete” rendering option. This option displays a little magnifying glass in the field which when clicked renders a popup that from which you can choose the related record, much like the standard SF lookup functionality. I don’t see any way to control how this popup works, though. Is there? My problem is that I don’t want users to be able to click on the name of the related object’s records - I want the “Name” field that shows in the popup to not be a hyperlink. Alternatively the auto-complete could just render the magnifying glass option. Is there a way to affect the field displayed in the popup?

This doesn’t link for me. Setting the Search Field.

 We have on our to-do list to suppress links in those reference feild lookup tables.  A workaround (that smells) is to make a text based formula field on the record name - and include that field in the table instead of the real record name.  This supresses the link. 

Yup - it stinks. 

Didn’t I just shower?

I am also having a problem with this popup. I would like to be able to specify a custom label for the popup and the columns displayed.  Otherwise this popup is very confusing to my users.

I have created an extra field on each object with a lookup that opens a separate new window to show the detail so the user does not lose their spot.

HYPERLINK(“”; & Id , Person_Location_Organization__c , “_blank”)

Search on other fields but make this one viewable in the popup.