Can I change this code for use with a custom object?

This code is for marking Tasks as complete. I don’t know much JS. I want to replace the standard object Tasks with a custom object. I thought I would only have to change the Status, Complete and then make sure the model was correct. 

Any advice?

skuid.snippet.registerSnippet('tasks.markCompleted',function(params){ console.log('test'); // Mark all selected items as closed, // then save our 2 Tasks models var model = params.model, list = params.list, selectedItems = params.item ? [params.item] : list.getSelectedItems(); if (selectedItems.length === 1 && skuid.model.isNewId(selectedItems[0].row.Id)) { alert('Please finish creating this Task before marking it as completed.'); return; } $j.each(selectedItems,function(i,item){ model.updateRow(item.row,'Status','Completed'); }); // Block the list from having updates list.element.block({ css: list.blockUICSS, overlayCSS: list.blockOverlayCSS, message:'Marking Tasks as Completed...' }); var saveFinishes ={callback: function(){ var updateFinishes = skuid.model.updateData([model,skuid.model.getModel('TaskHistory')]); $j.when(updateFinishes).then( function(){ list.element.unblock(); }, function(){ list.element.unblock(); } ); } }); 


Sara M,

This snippet is setup to mark selected tasks in a table completed.  If your goal is to mark selected rows (any object) as ‘completed’, I would recommend that you setup a Mass Action on the table.  You can use Skuid action steps to update any fields and save the changes for each record that was selected.