Can AWS securely host a SQL database and allow access to it for Skuid?

Question regarding the capabilities of the Skuid Platform - wondering if someone from the Skuid Team is able to shed light on this.

Can AWS securely host a SQL database and allow access to it for Skuid?

Roman, currently the answer is no. To access data in a SQL database stored in AWS, e.g. a Postgres RDS instance, you would need to create a REST API on, say, EC2 to securely allow access into the desired SQL database’s tables, authenticating requests as appropriate. One approach to doing this is to use something like PostgREST, which automatically generates a sophisticated REST API around selected PostgreSQL tables and provides extremely past performance:

A generic SQL Data Source Type is, however, on the Skuid product roadmap, so stay tuned.

Thanks for the detailed response Zach. And very happy to hear that a generic SQL data source type is on the roadmap. Cheers!

I am having great success with a NoSql database (Amazon DynamoDB) on Skuid Platform is that helps )

Hello. I am brand new to skuid.  I wonder if this has changed at all since last release (Brooklyn), which looks like it came out around the same time as this question. I am a salesforce admin currently evaluating salesforce connect, which we want to use to expose a Postgres db hosed on aws  in our salesforce org. In order to do that, we need to make our postgres db and OData producer. The latest skuid docs indicate this can be done with sql server:…

Why can’t these steps be followed for a postgres db on aws?



If you can get OData setup on Postgres, that should work well.  Just make sure that the OData ‘service’ supports whatever Skuid supports.

If you are not ‘set’ on using Amazon, you could setup an Azure instance of SQL and get rolling.  Azure supports OData out of the box.



Hey Zach - any idea how far away that SQL data source might be?  We’d also like to pull data from postgres.

+1 vote. I know it’s on the roadmap Zach. So don’t mean to place unnecessary pressure.

Simply, there is a real need for this and would open many doors for potential new business/clients for many Skuid Partners.

Recently a couple of old posts on connecting Wordpress with Skuid’s REST API resurfaced and another during Bonzai’s release about Heroku, so it’s been on my mind again… DynamoDB with NoSQL is supported, but frankly, not familiar with it. MySQL and Postgres would open up a whole new world. :slight_smile:

Also @Greg Johnson, Zach is a busy guy I’m sure hehe. So I found a recent response of his that I think answers both our questions.


Skuid cannot currently connect directly to SQL databases - direct SQL connections are on our near-term roadmap.

For Skuid to connect to a SQL database right now, you would need to setup a REST or OData API to serve as a middle layer between Skuid and the database. The easiest way to do this would be to go through an integration vendor such as Progress DataDirect or Mulesoft.

Looks like this was delivered

Yes, you can now have Skuid connect to a SQL database (running on AWS RDS / Aurora, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or even on-premise) and use that as a read-write transactional data source using one of Skuid’s supported SQL Data Source Types:

- PostgreSQL
- MySQL / MariaDB
- Microsoft SQL Server
- OracleDB
- Amazon Redshift

Here is a quick Skuid Dive explaining Skuid’s SQL data source connection capabilities:

And here is our docs landing page for SQL Data Source Types:

All SQL Data Source Types are supported on both Skuid Platform, as well as Skuid running on Salesforce.