Can Adopt rows into model, only be used for Models that are based off the same Object.

I see this post ( and I want to make sure that I understand this correctly.

So if I have two of the exact same custom objects in SF, you are not able to use, Adopt rows into models?

If for some reason the answer is “Yes you can” at what point does it not work, like if I added 1 field to one of the objects, does that break the chain?

Thanks in advance!


It’s not possible to have two custom objects that are exactly the same in one Salesforce instance. You can have two models with the same ID if the second model is from a page included page. When providing model with their Ids you’d get a notification that the id already in use or something.

Hmm, Okay. Thanks Pat.

Is there anyway to easily move data from one object to another besides a Create New Row.

Fairly complicated use case where we would query a model, return a list of “Fees” for this specific action, then we would want to take this list and add them to a different object.

The problem is that there could be 1 row returned, or (extreme case) 10 rows.

Thanks for any direction on this.

Adopt Row Action could work if the field api names are the same in each object.