Can a SKUID app deployed to own/private server or can point to custom/company domain?

Is it possible to deploy the SKUID app into a company’s own domain or can the whole app deployed to a private/cloud server using any web server (PHP, node, Apache or IIS) ? 


Skuid now has an offering called ‘Skuid Platform’.  It is hosted on Amazon Web Services.  I don’t think you can host Skuid internally.  I am not sure what web servers it runs on.  I don’t think you get to choose this.



Thanks for your reply @Bill.

I have seen the platform and created an account and playing around now. It provides a domain something like (under domain)

Let’s say - we want to build a custom solution using SKUID, have our own domain and would like to host as instead of

Right now on skuid platform, you will have a skuidsite in the URL before .com. This is temporary. Eventually, will be available. That is on our current backlog. Thanks for asking.

That’s what I thought. If SKUID can run in AWS, then why not with custom domain. Thanks for replying quickly @Stephen

Now we can proceed with our solution design.

By the way, do you have any ETA so far?  

We still have some encryption work that needs to be finished for converting anything as your URL. The way we work with AWS, we can’t use just any ol’ domain. 

ETA: “Near future”

Any update on this? I have an app I am developing Skuid NLX that I want to point my to.