Can a Running User be set?

You know how you can set the running user of a report? Can a Skuid wizard set a running user as well? The use case is this:
We want a regular (non-Systems Admin) user to be able to change another user’s profile and add a permission set with “the click of a button” type of functionality. Can this be done?

Thank you!

Bump. Is there anyone who can assist?

I saw this last week, and had thoughts. Sorry I never answered. I don’t think your use case is reallly about “running user”. - it has more to do with efficiency in a basic data management.

Fortunately - you can create a Skuid page that interacts with the User table in Salesforce. Profile is an updatable field on that table. So make a table and let your admins “mass update” profiles…

Then there is another object called permission set assignment. You could add a row action to your user table with a sequence that creates a new row in that permission set assignment table for that user and for a particular permission set. You could even make this a mass action that lets you create dozens of permission set assignments at the same time…

Matt Brown wrote a blog post with ideas about how SF admins could use Skuid pages to make the SF Admin experience easier. Check it out here.

Rob, the concept of Running User comes into this because a user has to have the ability to update a profile or permission set. Currently only our System Admins can do this. We are trying to see if we can let a regular user change a profile or add a permission set. Do you know?