Can a Running User be set?

You know how you can set the running user of a report? Can a Skuid wizard set a running user as well? The use case is this:
We want a regular (non-Systems Admin) user to be able to change another user’s profile and add a permission set with “the click of a button” type of functionality. Can this be done?

Thank you!

Bump. Is there anyone who can assist?

I saw this last week, and had thoughts. Sorry I never answered. I don’t think your use case is reallly about “running user”. - it has more to do with efficiency in a basic data management.

Fortunately - you can create a Skuid page that interacts with the User table in Salesforce. Profile is an updatable field on that table. So make a table and let your admins “mass update” profiles…

Then there is another object called permission set assignment. You could add a row action to your user table with a sequence that creates a new row in that permission set assignment table for that user and for a particular permission set. You could even make this a mass action that lets you create dozens of permission set assignments at the same time…

Matt Brown wrote a blog post with ideas about how SF admins could use Skuid pages to make the SF Admin experience easier. Check it out here.