Can a date field be added to the Calendar Component? (Date field without time)

We have 6 date fields that are filled in with workflow when a task is completed in our custom object project management org. I want to show these dates on the Calendar Component when they are filled in. We also have custom objects in this same org that has fields that show estimated completed date depending on when the record is created. I’d like to show these on the calendar too. I can’t seem to get the calendar to use a date field.

Yes, Drew, unfortunately right now the calendar component only accepts date-time fields. We’re planning to add the ability to support date fields in a future release.

I’m guessing there isn’t a work around right now either. Any Idea of when this update might happen?

The only work around is to create a formula field or something that will take the date from your date field and dump in an arbitrary time, e.g. 12pm. [safe harbor] We’d love to get this out by the end of this year. It’s not going to be in the Summer Release which drops in the next week or so, but it probably will make it into one of the next releases after that.

One kind of hackish workaround would be to use formula fields. You could create a datetime formula field like this…

DATETIMEVALUE(TEXT(YEAR(Date_Field__c)) + "-" + TEXT(MONTH(Date_Field__c)) + "-" + TEXT(DAY(Date_Field__c)) + ' 00:00:00') 

And then use the formula field in the calendar. However, this would present quite a few problems. For one, your calendar would be read only, and, depending on your timezone, you’d have to adjust the hour portion of the date formula so that the datetime wasn’t always one day behind. Now that I think about it, it’s probably not that great of a solution. We’ve had quite a few people ask for this, but just haven’t been able to get it in a release yet.

This would work for now, but I would have to create two of these for each field if I understand correctly. I want it to show the full day on the Calendar, so I would need one to fill in with the start date and one for the end date. Both would be on the same day, just with different times. Something like this (

Yeah, if you want to use week view, you’d have to create two formula fields and just pick arbitrary times for them.

More +1s for this. I’m now having to write apex to do time zone adjustments for data that I’m putting into a date/time field just so that I can get records to show on the Skuid calendar.

Hope to see this soon! KendoUI might provide a nice way to generate a calendar component separate from Skuid, then embed in Skuid.

You could make the time 12pm instead of 12am, gives you a bit of leeway with time zones as long as you’re in North America