Campaign Members - Can't add Account Field to model (It doesn't show up as a field to add)

So maybe something I’m overlooking, but…

I’m working on importing some things to a custom record type campaign. (Importing NPSP Allocations to a ‘project campaign’)

I’m also trying to add the accounts(and/or contacts) who made the donation (which makes the allocation) to the project campaign.

I have a skuid Model setup for CampaignMember, but I can’t add the Account field to the model. It just doesn’t show up in the list of available fields to include in the model.

I have previously enabled the Salesforce “Accounts as Campaign Members” feature. The Account field shows up in the Setup->CampaignMember->Fields, as expected.
Security for the account field has it visible to all profiles. ( Set Field-Level Security in the Account Field in the Campaign Member Object)

Presumably I’m missing something simple, or perhaps we enabled Accounts as Campaign Members AFTER we added Skuid to the org, and that’s not set something correctly?

So it’s permissions - but I don’t know how to fix it.

I (my user which is editing the Skuid Page) definetly has access to the field. I successfully added Account (AccountId) to the Salesforce Lightning page for Campaign Member, and it works as expected.

I manually edited the page XML to include AccountID as a field in the CampaignMembers model.
When running the page I get an error:

  1. A Skuid Model, ‘CampaignMembers’, requested a Field with relationship name ‘AccountID’, on the CampaignMember Object, but Skuid could not find a valid Field accessible through this relationship name. Please check that this Field actually exists on this Object (or on any related Objects). If it exists, then ensure that the user has permission to access it. If it does not exist, remove it from this Model.

I’ll add that I have Batch Apex that I wrote to import pre-existing ‘normal campaigns’, and successfully added Campaign Members with the AccountID. (I conclude from this that permissions are good, in general)

I verified my sysadmin permissions, and the Skuid Page Builder and Skuid Page Viewer permissions…

All set to view/edit

Hey Seth, can you check your user record and make yourself a “Marketing User” if you’re not one already? I think even Sys Admins don’t have access to all Campaign info, you must be a marketing user.

Try this and let me know if it resolves the issue

Thanks Anna,

I’m already a Marketing User though.

My sysadmin-user is able to manually “Add Accounts” to the campaign thru the normal lightning Campain->Campaign Members page.

My user account is also to add Campaign Member records with Accounts via Batch Apex. The imported CampaignMember records are shown as being created by my user account.

Mark @ Skuid Tech Support is able to duplicate the problem.
I also tried it with a brand-new dev account + Skuid trial, and duplicates what I’m seeing.

Trying to figure out a workaround to move forward for now. I’m ok with Apex, but I’d need to learn how to do that with Skuid. (Most of my Apex to date is Batch Apex)

My leading thought is to make a new Account_Skuid__c field and populate that, then use a CampaignMember flow to move that value into the real Account field. I think I’ll have problems with saving a CampaignMember record though without a Contact or Account.