Call VF Page via Custom Button?

Can I call a Visualforce page from a custom Skuid button? I currently have an action button on the account object that calls a VF page (“/apex/MyVFPage?ID=ID”). Can I replicate that behavior using a custom skuid button?


Sorry, Peter. Been in some pretty awesome meetings all day. You can absolutely call a VF Page from a button. What you want to do is create a new Page Title Action (button) that’s a redirect type action. Then just put in the relative url like you have in your SF button.

Thanks John!

I tried this and the button redirected the browser to: which returns a “URL No Longer Exists” error. The correct address is: (without the skuid subdomain). How can I make this work without hard-coding the whole address (which would limit my pages to the instance they are developed within rather than making them dynamic across sandbox/production environments)?

The key to doing this is to prepend the namespace to your Visualforce page’s name and it will force it into the correct namespace: “/apex/c__VFPage”