Calender "Event Source" popup ignores field editor "Default Mode" selection

When adding field editors to an “Event Source” custom popup, the “Default Mode” of the field editor gets overwritten and it will always be displayed in “Edit” mode. Running component actions to toggle or set the mode of the field editor manually post load mitigates this, HOWEVER only for the first record that is queried and rendered. 

If the field editor is for example part of a deck, all other cards in the deck will be forced to “Edit” mode.

This is on Spark 12.0.9 on V1 pages, however Skuid 11 should also be affected.

Just flagging this to make the team aware of it. Hoping this will end up on the list for the 12.1 release

Thanks for the report. I can’t promise we’ll get this fixed in the next release.  Its been this way since day 1.  Having said that - the calendar has needed some love… 

Appreciate the acknowledgement, Rob. Some calendar love would be extraordinary! Early Christmas present…? :wink: