Calendar will not load before 8:30 AM

I am new with Skuid, taking over another person’s Skuid work. We have a calendar that is used to schedule repair technicians that will NOT load before 8:30 AM. Does anybody know what I can do to allow the calendar to be accessed earlier? 

I am not super familiar with the calendar component, but skuid accesses data stored in Salesforce (or external database). Salesforce may have a setting on it’s event object to limit schedulable times to not be before 8:30 for your org. I would check your Salesforce settings.

Thank you for the info Raymond. I haven’t found where that setting could be yet, but I will keep searching! 

I see some stuff online regarding time zones issues causing events before or after certain times to not display. You may want to run though the Skuid calendar tutorial and see if you can pick up any gems there: Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation

In the Week and the Day View on the calendar component, you can set the default start & end hour under Advanced properties.

If I understand correctly, that property just adjusts the start and end time of the Calendar. My problem is that the Skuid page won’t even load for our users until 8:30AM.

I just realized I’m not being clear enough :) Our issue is that the Skuid page won’t even load for our users until 8:30AM.

Do you get an error message, or does the page load but with no records displaying?

You might want to check the solution here -…