Calendar Week View Start Day

Surprised this hasn’t been asked yet. Is there a way to set the start day on the Calendar component to Monday vs. Sunday?

Sorry,  at this point there is not. 

The Start Day is determined by your user’s locale — if the locale is somewhere in Europe, for instance, the Calendar may start on Monday and end on Sunday. 

You can also choose the option to “Hide Weekends” if you don’t want to see Saturday and Sunday.

That’s kinda uber weird. I would like to use the calendar to help with timesheets for staff. Our work week starts on Monday, so having a choice to display Monday vs Sunday regardless of Locale would be great much appreciated.

Can you please convert this to an idea.

Just to be clear.  Does the locale setting in salesforce not work for you?   

It does, but it doesn’t correspond to my needs. As in, my locale has Sunday as the start day, whereas I’d like Monday to be first.