Calendar to see all Person Accounts Activities with SKUID?

We are using person accounts that we call clients. Each client/Person Account has different activities scheduled like Doctor’s Appointments or annual meetings. With Skuid I can create a custom Calendar for that Client/Person Account to show the upcoming events on the calendar. My question is can I create a Tab with a large calendar in it that shows ALL the appointments for all the Clients/Person Accounts that the user has permission to see. For instance we have a medical driver that has to take all the Clients to their medical appointments so it is beneficial to be able to see all Client/Person accounts on one calendar all at once. Is it possible with SKUID?

From 50,000 feet I don’t see why you should not be able to do this.  Create a new page with a model on the event object (or on your custom object that is used for appointments).  Then create a calendar view with this model as its source.  In the week or day views you can add groupings so that each client has thier own line (if you want). 

You will have to make sure that record level security cascades down to events.  Your driver shouldn’t see clients in other cities,  but can they see the events where the client is the WhoID?  That should be straightforward,  but might trip you up.

Let us know how you make out…