Calendar popup will not display

I have a calendar component, and built a custom popup for the event display. However, when I click on the calendar (on a blank space for a new event or on an existing event to edit it), nothing happens.

Any idea what might case my popup to not show up?

Is it best practice to use a page include instead?

Do you get any errors in the javascript console? 

We definitely have built the calendar so that the popup does not require a page include… we should be able to get it to work… 


Here is the error I get in the javascript console:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function<br>skuid__SkuidJS:5<br>e<br>&nbsp;skuid__SkuidJS:5 <br>getFormattedDate <br>cc_renderers:64 <br>renderDate<br>&nbsp;cc_renderers:49 <br>CC_RENDERERS.appointmentDate <br>cc_renderers:87 <br>(anonymous function)<br>skuid__ui?page=TestCalendar:71 <br> <br>skuid__SkuidJS:9 <br>A.CUSTOM.edit <br>skuid__SkuidJS:9 <br>f.render <br>skuid__SkuidJS:9 <br>q<br>runtime.js:2 <br>utils.conditionallyRender <br>skuid__SkuidJS:7 <br>(anonymous function)<br>runtime.js:2 <br>m.extend.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>m.fn.m.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>B <br>runtime.js:2 <br>o <br>runtime.js:2 <br>utils.conditionallyRender <br>skuid__SkuidJS:7 <br>(anonymous function)<br>runtime.js:2 <br>m.extend.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>m.fn.m.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>l <br>runtime.js:2 <br>m <br>runtime.js:2 <br>utils.conditionallyRender<br>skuid__SkuidJS:7 <br>&nbsp;(anonymous function)<br>runtime.js:2 <br>m.extend.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>m.fn.m.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>q.render <br>runtime.js:2 <br>e.render <br>skuid__SkuidJS:8 <br>d.newItem <br>skuid__SkuidJS:8 <br>(anonymous function)<br>skuid__SkuidJS:8 <br>m.extend.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>d.render <br>skuid__SkuidJS:8 <br>s.init <br>runtime.js:2 <br>$.fn.(anonymous function)<br>skuid__SkuidJS:7 <br>(anonymous function)<br>runtime.js:2 <br>b.render <br>skuid__SkuidJS:6 <br>(anonymous function)<br>skuid__SkuidJS:6 <br>utils.conditionallyRender <br>skuid__SkuidJS:7 <br>b.conditionallyRender <br>skuid__SkuidJS:6 <br>f <br>skuid__SkuidJS:6 <br>(anonymous function)<br>skuid__SkuidJS:6 <br>m.extend.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>m.fn.m.each <br>jquery.min.js:2 <br>utils.createPopupFromPopupXML<br>skuid__SkuidJS:6 <br>h <br>runtime.js:3 <br>h <br>runtime.js:3 <br>i <br>runtime.js:3 <br>q.selectable.stop <br>runtime.js:2 <br>e.Widget._trigger <br>jquery-ui.min.js:6 <br>e.widget._mouseStop <br>jquery-ui.min.js:11 <br>(anonymous function)<br>jquery-ui.min.js:6 <br>e.widget._mouseUp <br>jquery-ui.min.js:6 <br>(anonymous function)<br>jquery-ui.min.js:6 <br>n._mouseCapture._mouseDistanceMet._mouseDelayMet._mouseUpDelegate <br>jquery-ui.min.js:6 <br>m.event.dispatch <br>jquery.min.js:3 <br>r.handle jquery.min.js:3 

I also have

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS<br>; 

I get this error (or something similar) each time I click on the calendar)

I get this error on page load.

Yup,  looks like Skuid is throwing you a nice little tantrum.  Hard to say exactly what is going on without looking under the covers.  Here are few pointers.  Make sure all the fields are completed in the Properties for the event source.  This is especially critical in the “Basic” tab.

If this doesn’t resolve things,  maybe you could give us login rights to your org (Here is how)  and then send an email to with your Org ID and the name of the page that is giving you problems. 

Thanks, Rob. All the fields are completed. I granted login access.

I think the problem with your calendar is the custom popup.  You are trying to include related model data in this popup.  We don’t have a means of setting the filterable conditions from a calednar item.  We will eventually make calendar “click” items trigger multiple actions where you could set the filter value to retrieve appropriate related records. 

The easiest solution I can think of rignt now is to build the details of the popup as a page include.  The related models should be filtered by using URL parameters passed in a query string (Defined in the  page include component).  This means when the calendar item is clicked the query string is passed,  models requeried and the correct data is loaded. 

Hopefully this will take care of the problems for you. 

Thanks, Rob. That’s what I was guessing with my original question. I’ll try the page include next week and let you know.

So, it turns out one of the custom field renderers was breaking things, so nothing would load, even with a page include. I was able to get it sorted. Thanks for your help!

Glad to hear you got it sorted…