Calendar popup does not allow context from non-source models?

I’d like to add fields to a calendar popup from a model that is the parent of the event source model. However, the context conditions for the field editor on the calendar popup do not seem to recognize that I’m working with a different model than the context model:

I’m only given one field. I should be able to choose a field from the context model (the calendar source) and a field from the field editor’s model. Correct?

Am I missing something here?

Hey, Matt. This is known issue with Queues in popups. We’ve got it in our backlog, but we haven’t gotten to it yet. In the mean time, you can get it to work by surrounding your Queue with a Wrapper.

Congrats on your new Champion status, by the way!

Thanks, J.

J. –

I think your comment was intended to address the issue on this other thread.

Any ideas on context in calendar popups?

You are correct Matt.  Calendar is not a component that implements context.  (There are lots of other features that need to be built back into Calendars… but that’s another story).  To get related data in your calendar popup - you need to use the “run snippet and then show custom popup” method.  That snippet needs to set a condition and requiery the related data model.  

Old school.  Sorry… 

Whoops! Yep, you’re right. It looks Rob has already responded to it with the Wrapper workaround though.


Is an update to the calendar component on the timeline?