Calendar Month View Intermixed Sorting of Event Sources instead of Segregated Sorting

I am using a Calendar with multiple event sources. On the Month view the event sources stay grouped and are sorted correctly but the groups don’t intermingle. For instance if I have a medical appointment at 8am 10am and 3pm, and I have a meeting at 9am 11am and 4pm the medical appointments are 8am 10am and 3pm followed by the meetings at 9am 11am and 4pm. On the week view they are shown intermixed correctly but the month view keeps them segregated. I did sort them based on the StartDateTime field. Is there a way to make them intermixed in the correct order based on Start date and time 8am 9am 10am 11am 3pm and 4pm? Thank you!

Rich. You are correct.  The events in calendar view do not intermingle. We will identify this as an improvement needed to the calendar.  There are a number of items we have identified on the calendar that give it reason for a rejiggering… We’ll add this to the list. 

+1 for me too, this works fine on the Day/Week hour based view but not on the month view.

Any updates on a way to do this? Having the multiple sources sorted together instead of collectively is confusing to users.

No update on this.  It is still in our backlog…