Calendar Month View Drags and Drops to the Wrong Day

I have a calendar component with two Event Sources, one pointing to a Model for Tasks and the other pointing to a Model for Events (the standard SalesForce objects).  Here’s the basic setup for the Tasks Event Source: and the Events Event Source: .

When I drag and drop an event in the Calendar’s Month view it drops the event on the day prior to where I drop it, like this:

Is anyone else having this problem?  Any suggestions for how to fix it, or is it a bug with Skuid?



I am not able to replicate the problem you are experiencing. Can you include screenshots of how your models are set up? Do you have any actions associated with them?


Could this be a timezone issue? Is your user’s timezone correct for where you are? Just a thought.


We’ve identified this behavior as a bug. It’s now resolved as of Banzai - Update 7.4, available via Skuid Releases.