Calendar in row action popup not querying events correctly on subsequent opens


I have a table with a row action that launches a popup containing a calendar with a month view. If I navigate to a month in the calendar the calendar requeries the event source to display that month’s events as expected. If I then close the popup and open the row action again the calendar is not able to display any events outside those that were in the month being viewed before closing the previous popup.

So, for example, if I open the popup and the calendar is in September showing 20 events but I then navigate to October which has 1 event and then close the popup - the next open of the row action will not show any events other than the 1 for October.

I’ve tried having popup on-close events that cancel/remove data from the model. I’ve tried requerying the event source before the popup opens.

It feels like something’s not quite right here. I’m on the latest version of Skuid.

Many Thanks


Using a page include to render the calendar in the row action popup fixed this issue